Tuesday, November 6

21 days of gratitude - day 3 to 6 - aka sweet music

so being out of town without wifi makes bloggin' kinda dificil. and, that means we're doin' a little combo today of the last few days of thankfulness!

day 3 - i'm grateful for sunshine
being in socal really reminds me how much i love me some vitamin d! and, that i needed to make more of an effort to soak it up! thank the lord for sunshine and palm trees!

day 4 - i'm grateful for sweet, sweet music
i'm sure you're wondering why i'm not thankful for another family member or something different, but i wanted to get you the november playlist early in the month, so today, i'm thankful for music!

music is such a major part of my life, and i'm so grateful my favorite musicians use their god-given talents to the benefit of our ears! music's on the minute i wake up, it's gotten me thru many a 'problemo' and certain songs can take me back to a specific time or place in an instant. perfect example...the cure's just like heaven is on at this resty and i was instantly transported to my senior year of high school!

you know i love finding new music, love listening to old goodies, love playing 'omg! this is my favorite song!', even if i just said that about the last song! i maybe might have hundreds of fave songs! you do, too, right??

not sure any of these songs qualify as my fave...yet! you know the drill...what's pumpin' outta your airwaves these days? keep me hip, or tell me your faves. i truly do wanna know! and, now: november's notes:

day 5 - i'm grateful for travel
getting close to election day, you start thinking about your freedoms, and travel is one i take for granted. i'm so grateful we are allowed to move freely between state lines, borders, and overseas to see wonderful destinations and other ways of life.
day 6 - i'm grateful for the right to vote
thank god women like elizabeth cady stanton and susan b anthony and eleanor roosevelt stood up for what they believed in to give us women the right to rock the vote!
Inspired by Family Magazine

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  1. How comes I didn't see this til today if it posted Tues? Anyway, ahhh music- love it when you hear a song and it takes you rushing back to a moment (unless it's a bad moment, but even then). The power of music is beautiful and really, that's how we should teach people things - with music.


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