Monday, November 26

my gift to you

i got y'all a present! it's the season of giving, you know, so i thought you'd like a little prezzy.
aren't i sweet?! 10% off orders placed by 12/5. new year's cards too. if you want 10% off, order by 12/5. it's too easy! hurry! there's not much time left before the holidays are here. 

if you needa take a look see at some cards to get the wheels'a turnin', check out this post, or this one, oh, and this one, or the ol' website. or maybe you have an idea whatcha want? ready...go!

and, since we're talkin''ve bought all yours, haven't you? ugh, don't tell me - i haven't bought one darn thing. and, i need to start, so they'll get here on time! maybe those crazies who finish shopping in july are onto something. who'm i kidding? never gonna happen. ok, we were talking about gifts, so...

and, if you don't see something here, but you've got it in your mind, let's have a little chat about it.

happy holidays! merry christmas! happy new year! feliz navidad! happy hanukkah! season's greetings! whatever you celebrate!

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  1. im on it.. i need to get you my pics though!! UGGG and im out of town for most of this week!


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