Wednesday, May 2

monster mash birthday bash

in honor of sweet p's 3rd birfday today, let's take a little look see at the celebration! in february-ish, middle sissy tried to get out of sweet p what kinda party she wanted. after a little confusion, they checked out a party aisle and sweet p said immediately 'monstahs'. and, a theme was born.

now, since sweet p is a girly girl (her colors are blush and bashful), we couldn't just have any monster bash. mom was pretty specific about what she wanted, so here's the team effort invite complete with pink monstah. (hard to tell, but their eyes are blue to match sweet p.)
the party was at a park shelter, where we had plenty of room to string up a banner.
and set out snacks and cupcakes(!) adorned with round toppers.
you know no party's complete without a fun party hat. who wants to help me make it more acceptable in the adult community?!
mom wanted some fun activities to do during the party, so we made monster faces and the kiddies played 'pin the eye on the monster'. (sweet p was NOT into wearin' a blindfold, tho!)
mom put together a make-your-own-monster kit to say 'eye hope you had fun'. inside? homemade 'play-doh' in the party colors, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and monster stickers.
see? there's no running and hiding from these monsters. cute-as-can-be! i love little green guys chiclet teeth! hee hee!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEET P!!! roro and UW love you and i'm so glad i got to celebrate with you!


  1. that is awesome... so much fun!!! I love it all, such a good idea!

  2. what font did you use? super cute.


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