Friday, April 27

a few of my favorite things - april

ok, seriously, let's just pretend i put these out earlier this month, m'kay?!

have y'all heard of birchbox? there's a serious waiting list, but once you're in, you can sign up to receive cool beauty stuff monthly. i've had it 2 months, and the nail polish alone makes it worth it!  |  exercise and i? we have a love/hate relationship. and, while i'd really like a gym membership, i'm puttin' the kinect to good use with this fitness "game". seeing yourself onscreen really puts it all in perspeck! sheesh!  |  i have tried and true perfume. coco for winter (RIP escada) and quelque fleurs for summer. but, bluebell is saying 'put me in, coach!' it.smells.fantastic!

we have a fair amount of partays 'round here and we just throw the recycle bins open for the aftermath. so, when i saw these pop-up bins, i had to have them. they're sold out right now, but fingers crossed they restock soon!  |  washi tape is colored and patterned masking tape that is way more fun than it's boring cousin. i love it and use it in all kinds of designs.

y'all. y'allllll. outlander. 'member that little-known vampire, edward? well, he's been replaced. i never thought it possible, but an 18th century scottish highlander has done it. ok, these books are rill long (like 800+ pgs). i'm midway thru the 2nd book, so i can't give verdict on all 7 (#8 comes out next year), but outlander? O.M.G...YES! everything you missed in twilight is there in BIG.bold.letters. thud...can someone turn on a fan?

i don't have a kindle, a nook, or an ipad. but i do have overdrive media console. i downloaded it to my trusty windows phone, linked up my library card, and can now read free, never overdue library books on my phone. and, let's be honest, when are we ever without our phones? plus, it's way lighter than an 800+ pg book. go. download. then, check out outlander. you're welcome.

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  1. ok so im behind the time and I havent heard of any of these things but maybe its because im trapped inside an office all day! So im really excited to look them all up and drool. :)


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