Friday, April 13

taking the plunge

'member this?
what'd you guess it was? were you thinking cannonball? maybe bride and groom? how about pool time? if you'd guessed any of those, you'd be on the right track, because it's all of the above, and it's from baby sister's save the date!

y'all, it might be the cutest dang thing evah. but, we can't take all the credit for the idea. while spending all day stopping by pinterest one day, i came across this (using this link cuz the photog's blog keeps redirecting.) on baby sister's 'someday' board

and, an idea was born! see, baby sister and her fiance both swam for the LSU tigers. so, seriously, how could they not do something similar? armed with dress and suit, all they needed was a pool and a photographer. well, lucky for them, our papacito just so happens to have a pool (in the perfect shade of blue) and one'a them fancy cameras that can take 4+ pics in like 2 seconds. (just a weensy important when water's involved!)

are y'all thinkin' 'quitcher yappin' and show us already!" ok, ok. here ya go...
was i right about cute? and, those pics couldn't have turned out better. these are first take, y'all! can you believe? let's take a closer look at those facial expressions.
pure giddiness right there, folks! kiddos are excited to be married! and, that cannonball picture might be pure perfection! i hope it gets framed!
now, if i'm being honest, there was a smoochy picture of the lovebirds that i reeeeealllly wanted baby sister to pick for the back, but alas, it's client's choice. we kept the back sweet and simple, leaving all the deets for their website. i love how it feels like a movie poster!

to ship them off, they got the wraparound treatment. i really don't know when i'll get tired of this label style.
see what one little idea can do? these maybe mighta been the easiest design i've ever done. i've said it before, and i'll say it again, good images make the best designs.

better give a shout out to the ol' man for takin' such fantastic pictures. (silly guy wanted credit on the save the date!)


  1. They are INCREDIBLE lady! Just gorgeous. U r such a talent!!! Xoxoxo :)

  2. holy bananas.... that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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