Wednesday, April 25

where've i been?

it's been a while since i've tole you about the ol' personal life, so since i just returned from a 2 week working vacay, what better time than now to catch you up?

the sisters and i went to dallas to help the mamacita with the g-pa while his caretaker is out of the country. our stays overlapped a bit, and while it was lots of work, it was so fun to see everyone. we got our bridesmaid dresses for baby sister's weddin' picked out, celebrated mamacita's birfday with the hunger games, caught up with old friends, visited with all our fam in the area, and enjoyed the sunshine (when it decided to make an appearance).
we had lunch at whole foods, and sweet p put us to shame. she gives new meaning to the phrase 'eat your veggies'. what you see on her plate is tofu, broccoli, oranges, lentils, kiwi, garbanzo beans, and kale. seriously? would you eat that?? unbelievable.

middle sissy and i made a quick run through the mckinney flea market before the lightning came, and found our own beyonce. he sooo wanted to be mine, but no airline in the world would ok that carry-on.

to fulfill the second purpose of the trip (baby bro's baptism and sweet p's 3rd birfday party), we all had to settle in and drive 12 hours to iowa. ahem. it's a wonder i'm still standing, cuz that folks, is not for the faint of heart. middle sissy, you're my hero for doing it alone.

dude wakes up at the drop of a pin, and slept through his ENTIRE baptism. oil, water, everything! being a godparent rocks! dear old dad played godfather for mr man. can you even stand how adorbs that cheeky monkey is?

on the way to sweet p's monstah pahtee, we saw the american gothic house. can you see their faces on the roof? it's literally smack dab in the middle of a sub-division. so sad, really.

sweet p's been talking about her birfday for weeks, so you can imagine how excited she was. she tackle-style hugged her friends, happily sang happy birthday to herself, and COULD.NOT.WAIT for a cupcake. it was awesome!! (i'll be back soon to share all the goodies from her party.)

i kicked myself for not getting my garden in gear as i snipped spinach from the farmer's garden for spinach/mushroom enchiladas. i really don't know what my problem is. you plant it, it grows, you eat it. what is so hard? this year. THIS YEAR!

i'm back home now, and going thru my normal family withdrawals. i was welcomed home with misty rain, smooches aplenty from mr man, and the gingerbread house in full bloom. sadly, the magnolia has already shed her blooms. springtime in seattle is a beautiful thing!

i called it a working vacay, because we were there to help with pops, and i got about an order a day while i was gone. maybe if i wanna be busy, i need to leave town, and not have any of my materials with me! there's a thought!

what's been goin' on in your neck of the woods?

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