Monday, May 14

music for may

after april's playlist, it didn't seem anyone cared about hearing the new lists. but, lo and behold, baby sister says to me the other day "i can't find your may playlist". well, it's not a full list, because i wasn't planning on doing one, but this is what was on it. a little snow patrol cause i saw them this month (AMAZING!); a little van halen because mr man saw them this month (he saw the DLR version, but i'm partial to sammy).

if you've got new tunes i should know about, i always love hearing about them. so, do tell...


  1. so glad you posted this!! I finally got my computer at work so guess what I'll be listening to while I organize plans...

  2. did you know passion pit has a new cd? i love too close by alex clare, and a song called a-team but I cant remember who it is by.


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