Tuesday, October 23

a few of my favorite things - october

vitamix blender | vino2go | brass fly | simply organic chophouse seasoning
someecards desktop calendar | toast heated clothes | brooklyn work table

oooh, some things on this list i reeeeheeeheeeelly want. rill bad. good thing christmas is comin' up!

a recent diet change has led to me grubbing on grass (well, green smoothies) for breakfast, and this blender would help me tons. but, why, oh why does it hafta be $400+?? is it made of gold? | can we file this under why didn't i think of that? pure.genius! now, i can take my wine roadie sodie without worrying about wearing it. kinda wish the cup wasn't clear, but...details. | this little fly would be the perfect halloween decor. and, you can hide some candy in its sneaky compartment. | my diet change has also banished all MSG from the casita, so i was sorely lacking in the spice dept. i found this chophouse seasoning at whole foods, and it's filled the void. put it on steak, fish, potatoes, veggies, your finger. | do you love someecards as much as i do? sarcasm is my second language. and, if i could ever decide on a desk, this calendar would look poifect on it! 

speaking of desks, 'member when i mentioned i wanted to redo the office? in january? we're still no closer to that pipe dream, but that doesn't mean i've given up. this work table might just be what my life's been missin'. come to mama. | and, heated clothes? seriously? no really, why.didn't.i.think.of.that?? if you know me, you know i'm ALWAYS freezing. (maybe cuz the heat nazi keeps the casita at a balmy 65, but whatevs.) i'd like to get to know these clothes...and, then never take them off. (you'd tell me if i started to stink, right?)

hope you're not disappointed i didn't veer more toward the halloween persuasion for this list. what are you pining for? started your christmas list? what's on it that i have to have??


  1. Go to Sam's and get you a NINJA which you will love and which you will also love the price, its not made of gold though. :)

  2. Have you thought about gettin a magic bullet?


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