Friday, September 21

a few of my favorite things - september

leigh ann herrin design wrapped in the cross | frye paige riding boots

ok, i need a new bag like i need a pony, but how gorgeous is this bag? they're all handmade, and you can choose your leather color and innards color. LOVE. | so, hatch green chiles only come around every august and september. i happened upon some at whole foods yesterday, and am trying to decide when to make this green chile stew recipe! | here's another book reco for ya. the matched series is a trilogy, and the third book comes out in november. it's a little YA, but you'll like it. promise.

do i feature bracelets every month? i do love them so! and, these are way cute! love the cross, love the wrap-around leather of your choice. | since fall officially starts today, how 'bout some boots? i got grey boots last year, but i've been coveting these for a loooong time. | i got some of this orofluido in my birchbox a few months ago and just recently started using it. let me tell you what - it does what they say. my hair's shinier, bouncier, and smells fabu! | wet n' wild made saved by the bell nail polish??! it's only available at CVS, which we do not have, so go try it for me. then, wear it to an 80s cover band, like... | nite wave. the band we saw for my b-day. they're awesome. so awesome, in fact, that they finally convinced billy idol to come play. after only 4 benefit concerts to do so. if you live in seattle, go see them. they're playing in october.

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