Tuesday, November 30

'Tis the Season

I love the holidays! With all its tradition and goodness, it just caps off the year with happiness, doncha think?

I'm quite proud of myself - I got all my decorations up over Thanksgiving weekend. Now, in my family, that was always the tradition. The girls would decorate the tree and hang the stockings, and our dad would be cursing the day on a ladder hanging lights outside. The Griswolds had nuthin' on our house! So, I'm glad to keep up the tradition.

On top of decorating, the workshop is working overtime, and I love, love, love it. I thought you'd all like a little spice of what's gone out. I'm feeling very colorful and fun this year - I'm attaching myself to lots of pinks, reds, turquoise and lime.

So, tomorrow is December 1st ... what are you waiting for? Order up your cards. You know they're totally custom, done the way you want them, and turn around is less than a week.

Have you hung your decor? Decked your halls? Trimmed your trees?


  1. I put up our tree on Monday...Rainey watched and Ali came home after it was done and threw on Mardi Gras beads to add some Louisiana flare.

  2. Holy COW... see I love all 3 of those christmas cards posted!!!! Just do work... :)
    Christmas tree-check, presents wrapped-check, no baking-check


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