Monday, November 22

My Winter Wonderland

Outside my window today, there's snow. SNOW! I woke up to big, fat flakes falling down, and it's beginning to look a lot like...oh wait, it's not even Turkey Day yet. I was still pining away for our short summer, but I think I'm ready for the holidays now.

Gonna set up the tree this week, enjoy some turkey on Thursday, freeze my patootie off at a football game. 

Got any exciting weather where you are? Are you excited about the holidays? What gets you in the spirit?

Right now, I'm going to make myself some hot chocolate and, heck, I may even turn on the Christmas tunes.

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  1. What the what?! We don't even have snow and we live in the tundra. Sposed to come on Wednesday, but we're OUTTA HERE tomorrow so we'll miss it. Can't wait for mashed tatas. (that reads ta-tas and I don't want it to). oh and puh-lease, I busted out those Christmas tunes the day after Halloween. teehee.


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