Thursday, November 4

Thankful for Tunes

Since we're headin' out on the open road, and I know you wait on the edge of your seat each month for the playlist, I decided to send it out to you at the beginning of the month. (what a concept!)

Big thanks & virtual high fives to all you who sent me song ideas and website ideas. Becky introduced me to, if you all are interested. I was excited when I chose female vocalists, I knew a bunch of them. Not as out of touch as I thought, I guess!

So, here you go. It's a little slower this month, with a few pepsters in there. And remember to tell me what you're listenin' to.

POST-EDIT:A virtual double high five to baby sister for introducing me to Passion Pit. She put them on her girl's trip mix, and I like 'em so much I sometimes listen on repeat. Go ahead, try it.


  1. Just a few that have been on heavy rotation lately...and just so you know, you're not writing to the wind! I love your blog! xoxo Becky

    Meet Me In the City - The Black Keys
    Ghosts - Laura Marling
    It's Not Impossible - Ben Sollee
    Hustle - Tunng
    Love More - Sharon Van Etten
    Black Sheep - Suckers
    2012 - P.S. I Love You
    My Heart Is a Drummer - Allo, Darlin'
    Remember Last Time - Avi Buffalo
    Bobcat Goldwraith - Acorn
    Gobbledigook - Sigur Ros
    Hanasakajijii (Four: A Great Wind, More Ash) - Anathallo
    Good Arms Vs. Bad Arms - Frightened Rabbit
    Fake Empire - The National
    Okay - KaiserCartel
    10 Mile Stereo - Beach House
    The High Road - Broken Bells
    Sit Down By the Fire - The Veils
    Island, IS - Volcano Choir
    You're a Wolf - Sea Wolf

  2. My favorite song right now is little bit by lykke li, I like the remix with Drake (who I saw live at voodoo) You might like crystal castles if you like passion pit, but their a little weird.

    Here's my current Genius Playlist based on
    Heart it Races by Architecture in Helsinki
    No Cars go- arcade fire
    hunting for witches- bloc party (one of my fav bands)
    Plasticities: Andrew Bird
    Cuddle fuddle: passion pit
    untrust us crystal castles
    little bit (remix)
    *Blood bank: bon iver
    vanished: crystal castles
    *casimir pulaski day: sufjan stevens
    white winter hymnal: fleet foxes
    moth's wings: passion pit
    in the morning: junior boys
    fiery crash andrew bird
    ocean of noise: arcade fire
    *skinny love: bon iver
    animal: miike snow
    white collar boy: bell and sebastian
    the reeling: passion pit
    the dress looks nice on you: sufjan
    crimewave: crystal castles
    time stands still: cut copy
    oh no: andrew bird
    Blue ridge mountins: fleet foxes

    Props to Heath, Rainey, and Adrienne for some of these songs

    P.s. you hated me putting passion pit on repeat on our're welcome ;)

  3. I LOVE HEART IT RACES. teehee, you know my dancers danced to that right? Anyhoo, can you please have a playlist more than once a month, maybe? Also, that bizarre love triangle song...did you know I've had that song for years and years and years? Did I give it to you? Just wonderin'. Downloaded it in the days of Napster in the sorority house. Ha.


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