Friday, October 29

Have a Spooktacular Weekend

Oh, halloween, how are you already here? I didn't even plan my costume, so I'll be recycling the 80s garb from my birthday. Hey, whatever works, right?

Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend filled with tons of candy and super fun parties! I'm ready for it - sitting here in my candy corn socks and skeleton earrings, eating all the candy I'm supposed to hand out. Whoops, might have to pretend we aren't home.

Have a safe one - what are you or the kiddos dressing as this year?


  1. How did you make that wreath? Come here so we can make me one. What kinda candy did you get? And you already know this, but my kid dressed as a dalmatian and a spider (you know she always has 2 costumes) and i dressed as a punkin in my punkin shirt from mamasita. Had our 4th and final Halloween playdate/party/whatever today. And in the words of Sweet P "All done!"

    My word verification was Rodid!!! haha

  2. I'm not dressing up...sad I know, but I didn't have time to find a costume and we're going to voodoo fest tomorrow yay!! I will be wearing the bat shirt mom sent me :)


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