Wednesday, October 6


I've folded cards. I mean I've really folded cards. If we were counting, it'd probably be over 1,000 or something. All folded & scored by hand, using an embossing stylus, a metal ruler, and the edge of my paper cutter (which, (danger) had to have the arm up so I could fit the metal ruler on it). Why yes, I do have a visual:
Now, mind you, this task is not what any of these tools were created to do. Well, ok, I guess the ruler might not be dancing too far outside his comfort zone. But, really, could I have made it any harder on myself? Good grief - the ruler likes to slip, the sound of the metal on metal is enough to put anyone over the edge, and I never knew what the fold was going to look like when I was done scoring.

Why did I do this to myself? Especially since there are tools made to put folds in paper. Why did I not just trot on down to my local paper store (they should know me by name now) and purchase one of these tools a looooong time ago is beyond me. I mean, look at this thing.
It's a huge board (you can even create boxes with it) and comes with a bone folder to score the paper, and help with the fold.
And, it's broken down every eighth of an inch for folds. (see the ridges).
I know this won't excite any of you as much as it does me. I'm just glad I bought it before I embark on the scoring & folding of 250 thank you cards. And, it's music to my ears, because that nails on a chalkboard of metal on metal thing - heebie.jeebies.

Yay me for making life easier. To that I say, SCORE! (pun totally intended)


  1. Seriously...why did you not get one of those sooner? It's gotta make your life 1000 times easier! :)


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