Friday, October 22

Let the Music Play(list)

So, since there are a whopping 9 days of October left, I thought I better get the playlist out. A mix of old & new, you know, with songs I found on commercials. It seems the only places I stumble upon new music are commercials and episodes of Grey's Anatomy. No iTunes here, so I can't do the Genius thing. Will you be my genius? Tell me what you're rockin' out to lately in the comments. Maybe it'll make it onto the November playlist. Tell me soon, cause I only have about 4 weeks before it's ALL Christmas music, ALL the time. But, I digress...

*Don't Stop Believing in honor of sister singing karaoke at the Rockin' 80s Birthday. Makes me smile every time!


  1. OMG! I played the Journey and Glee version today for P while we were eating lunch! Had no idea that it says WAITING up and down the boulevard, pretty sure I sing dancing. Whoops. Also, I'm bustin' out Christmas muzak as soon as Halloween is over!
    And PS. Genius only brings up songs that are already in your library that resemble the song you chose. :) So you're not missing out on much.

  2. I love your playlists. I listen to them at work :-)


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