Tuesday, October 26

May I Take Your Order?

Time to order Holiday Cards. I know, I know, you're still deciding what costume to wear Trick or Treating, but Thanksgiving's like next week, and those December holidays and parties are right after that.

So, do yourself a favor, order your holiday cards. You don't have to know what picture you're using yet, just place the order. Tell me what look you might be going for (if you're having photos taken), styles or colors you might like, or just tell me to wing it. I get lots of those "wing it" requests. You guys like to make me work. If only flexing creative muscles burned more calories...

I've put together a little montage of some of last year's favorites. Maybe you'll see something you like here, or get an idea for style or color.
custom happy holidays card
custom alternative merry and bright holiday card
custom classic merry christmas card
custom scroll snowflake peace and love holiday card
Remember, all my cards are double-sided, which is a great way to fit a brief Holiday letter on your card.
custom story card for holidays
And, holiday cards are great for doing double duty, like announcing a new baby.
custom baby announcement christmas card
Or, updating people's address books.
custom moving announcement holiday card
And, if you aren't really into sending pictures to everyone in your address book, that's no problem.
custom folded holiday card
Drop me a line if you're ready to order. I've got some orders going, in case you were nervous about being first in line!

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