Saturday, January 16

Hearts & Crafts

I'm sure you noticed Valentine's Day was the next holiday (you probably noticed that before Christmas, if you were strolling through Target or Wal-Mart at that time).

Anyway, I'm taking orders for Valentine's Day cards.

Maybe you didn't get to Holiday or New Year Cards.
Maybe you're having a baby (girl, please!) and want to send out cute as can be love inspired cards.
Maybe you're tired of your kids sending licensed character Valentine's to their classmates.
Maybe you just got engaged, and think Valentine's Day would be the perfect reason to get out your save the date in February.
Maybe... Well, you get the idea.


So, I decided to do a handmade Christmas this year. I did buy the fam presents, but once I got started with the handmade stuff, I couldn't stop! I spend some time (ok, a lot of time) surfing crafty blogs, and see all these cool things people make, and always think "Hey, I can do that!"

Well, this year, I quit saying that, and started doing. And, the best part is the joy on everyone's faces when they realize that you made something just for them with your own hands.

In addition to all the things in this collage, I made some awesome flash cards for Sweet P, the sweetest little stuffed owl to match Sweet P's bedding, and an advent calendar out of Christmas socks (which I will NEVER do again - I think that thing took me, all totaled up, about 20 hours to make).  I unfortunately don't have pics of those yet because they're on the fam's cams. hehe

Oh, and if you'd like any of these for yourself or gifts, I could whip them up for you. Just, let me know.


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