Friday, December 10

15 DAYS??!!

Can you believe there are only 15 days left until Christmas?! What tha?! Really, where does the time go?

Well, around here, the time has been going to creating holiday works of art for you all. This is just a sampling of what's been riding out of the workshop on Santa's sleigh.

And, I'm here to tell you, it's not too late. You have a few more days to order Christmas cards, and if you just can't get your stuff together for those, you have plenty of time to order New Year's cards. Oh, and one more thing - if you want to make your card do double duty, I've done a baby announcement/holiday card and a 1st birthday/holiday card this year.

So, order up your cards by December 16th, or the sleigh's leavin' without ya!

OK - back to it. I see an elf slacking on his ribbon duties.

Happy Holidays!


  1. 6 inch ribbon curls. SIX INCHES!

    Glad to see our card on your pile :)


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