Wednesday, February 24

Go ahead, Ask me a question

So, I have a bit of a blog addiction. I read & I read, and then I read some more. And, then I get stressed out because the world of bloggers is the world of the most creative, thoughtful, articulate people, and you know, I'm just not worthy.

Well, in my readings, I found this new platform. It's called formspring, and you can ask people questions, any question you like. So, I signed up. Now, since it's pretty new, you might have a hard time finding people, but if you'd like to ask me a question, click here, and follow me. There's also a cute little widget over there to the right, where you can just type a question right there. 

And, sign yourself up for one, so I can ask you a question, and follow you.

And, while we're at it, are you following me here? So, you know when I've decided to say something so eloquent that you just must dash over and read it immediately? Oh, right, my only reader is already following me. 

Anyway, what do you wanna know?

Tuesday, February 16

The Other Stuff

So, you know I'm here to help you announce your life's big moments, right? Well, what if your big moments don't happen to be babies, weddings, or big moves? What if your big moments are the other stuff?

Like opening a new business, or celebrating a reunion, or advertising your current business in the local paper?

Well, guess what?! I can help you announce all those big moments too. And, it's a completely custom experience.


Business Cards...

Mommy Cards...

Thank You cards...Invitations to your 20 year high school reunion...Ads for the paper or web.

If you've got a moment, I've got a design.

And, as we all know, life's full of moments.

Monday, February 1

Got to Move it, Move it

You know how frustrating it is when you send out all your Holiday cards, only to get a handful back because friends have moved and didn't send a moving announcement? Well, if you're moving this year (even across the street), don't be that friend.

We can put together a custom moving announcement that's all you.
When this client told me where she was moving, I did some research & pulled the colors for her announcement from a sculpture in the city.
This client wanted to highlight the fact that her family was making a big move (from NYC to TX), so we came up with a catchy tagline, and it doubled as the family's holiday card. (Sent out around Turkey Day, so lists were sure to be updated).
Moving to Texas? We could do something like throw a map on there, a few y'all's, your favorite colors, and it's cute as can be:
Another announcement playing double duty as a holiday card, we took a picture in front of our new house, and sent it out:
If you're concerned about postage costs, a great way to avoid those are to send postcards. If you're nice and organized, we can even print the addresses on them, leaving you with the small task of stamping them.

Of course, if you're not moving, you're probably regretting having read this far! Sorry! Send your friends who are moving my way!

PS - trying to come up with a title for this blog post was super hard, because I didn't want y'all to think I was moving, or that this blog was moving, or things were changing, etc., etc., etc. Phew - this one is as good as it gets!