Monday, August 9

What a Difference a Decade Makes

This weekend, we celebrated 10 years in Seattle. Ten years! A whole decade. Otherwise known as, a LONG time. Yep, 10 years ago, I packed up my belongings, took a 1,000 mile road trip, and moved to the Pacific Northwest. Sight unseen. To follow a boy.

A lot happens in 10 years. I mean, 10 years ago, we didn't really even know what an mp3 was, or that cell phones didn't have to weigh 5 lbs! Not to mention all the medical advancements we've discovered. (not me particularly, but you know what I mean.)

In 10 years, we've:
  • lived in Downtown Seattle (in two different apartments)
  • gotten married
  • bought a house
  • turned 30 (and 35!)
  • watched parents divorce
  • lost grandparents
  • changed jobs
  • been laid off...twice
  • started this here company & blog
  • visited Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas & Mexico
  • watched sisters graduate high school, college, and get Master's
  • been in 1 sister's wedding, and 6 others
  • been to over 25 weddings
  • become Auntie Rosita & Uncle Will to Sweet P
  • helped friends & family welcome over 50 kiddos
  • had 5 different computers
  • had 8 different cell phones
  • had 5 different mp3 players (only one was an iPod!)
To say following that boy was the best thing I've done would be an understatement. We love Seattle. We love our friends here. We love the options we have for food, entertainment, and weekend fun. If I could convince my mom & sisters to move here, I wouldn't ever leave! And, in a year, Seattle will be the place I've lived the longest. I guess we'll have to call this "home" now.

When I was thinking about our 10 year anniversary, I stumbled upon this decade in pictures from the NY Times. Don't take my word that much has happened in 10 years; check this out.

(click on image to view larger)

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