Monday, July 26

With This Brand...

This wedding set is all about the couple. We started working on some ideas (cute things, like initials carved in trees), but a few weeks later, her fiance surprised her with their brand. Yes, a cattle brand. (Trivia alert: interestingly enough, it's where we get that overused word in today's corporate world!)

So, of course she wanted to incorporate the brand into the design, and of course we did. That's what custom's all about, remember?! She chose brown, complemented with blue (bridesmaid dresses), with a punch of yellow to tie in sunflowers. (my FAVORITE!)

We started with the invitation. (This is so a Rosita design! Worn wood look? Grunge font? Textured paper? Yep, yep, and absolutely.)
 And, the RSVP.
Then, she asked me to do rehearsal dinner invites that she could include with the sets. So, we used the same color scheme (minus the blue). By the way, this is a great idea if your rehearsal dinner will be large, and you want to save on postage.
And, she wrapped everything up with raffia, adding to the rustic feel.
Here's all the pieces together. Isn't their brand cool? I'm so glad we included it, and no one else will ever have these invites!
For the wedding day, we made programs, tying in the designs from the invites, but making the paper the star.
And, what bride would be complete without her "something blue"?
I whipped up a hair flower for her, adding in a bit of the bridesmaid dresses so they can all match. And, it's one less "something" she'll have to find.

Beth & Teak, I wish you all the happiness in the world on Saturday, and always. Thanks for letting me be a little part of your day.


  1. i love it all! the invites, the hair piece...sigh, you're so talented

  2. We couldn't have asked for more perfect invites for us Raeann! We loved everything that you did for us! Thank you again!

    Teak & Beth Johnson
    "Rockin' BT Farms"


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