Friday, July 16

Music to My Ears

Since I've told you before what music keeps the workshop going, I thought I'd add a monthly playlist post. Who knows? Maybe I'll introduce you to new music, or remind you of oldies, but goodies. Then you can introduce me to new music, or remind me of oldies but goodies. 

I filled this playlist with both new and old in honor of this, my summer of live music (yippee!), and the opening of Eclipse (obsessed, remember?). And, you know no playlist with a song from the Eclipse soundtrack would be complete without an RPattz song...What? No really, what? (For the record, you're probably going to hate the song, and think he's all whiny and emo (wait, can a mid-30s person say that?) and such, but I love him it.)

Here's the playlist. I tried to mix some more upbeat in with the more mellow (I did go to Lilith Fair, remember?). Now, give a listen, and tell me what's on your July playlist.

PS. Didn't I promise never to do a post with this many parentheses again? Hmmm, too bad. Next to the exclamation mark, they're my favorite. And, most times I forget to close them (the HORROR).

PPS. Not sure who named these songs, but that Toad song is actually called I Will Not Take These Things for Granted.

PPPS. Songs from Sarah & BHTM are not my total faves, but they were what I could find on

PPP...just kidding!


  1. love, love, love! and i thought PPP was a note to me- i sat here trying to decode until i got the joke!

  2. that is hilarious! i didn't even think of that!! :)


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