Thursday, April 22

Happy Earth Day!

Around here, every day is Earth Day. We're fortunate to live in an area of the country that takes saving the Earth every seriously, so it comes easier for us than others. You know, things like recycling everything, using your own bags at the grocery store, carrying a steel water bottle instead of buying plastic, and keeping the heater at 65 (brrr).

As a company, I print the majority of my designs on papers that are either certified Green or have the FSC Seal of Approval. And, I hope to find printers who use alternative inks.

I thought this recent design I did for Teacher Appreciation Week was appropriate for Earth Day. Aren't the kiddies cute? Stay tuned - a ton of designs have been churning out of the workshop, and they'll be debuting soon.

Sadly, the weather isn't cooperating, so I won't be spending much time outside today. What are you doing for Earth Day?


  1. That little design is cutie cute! :) We spent time outside with daddy today...little miss went to bed at 6 though after only a 20 minute nap today!

  2. I spent the day in the rain in San Antonio, TX...the Earth was getting some serious LOVE!

  3. I have to take it back - the sun decided to make an appearance, so I had wine with friends on a patio overlooking the Puget Sound. Fun!


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