Friday, April 30

Mother. Mommy. Mama. Mamacita. Mom.

Whatever you call her, her day's coming up next week. Have you gotten her a gift to show her your appreciation for all you've put her through? (sorry, mom!)

If you haven't, I've got just the thing for you - monogrammed notecards. I know in this technology age, emails are easier, but you know, most moms still send snail mail once in a while.

I have some letters available (a, k, p, for example), which I can ship immediately. If I don't have a letter, I can create it. 

If you order by Monday, you should still be able to receive your notecards to give to mom on Sunday. I can ship directly to her too!

Email me today to order. And, if you want it shipped to her, let me know, so I can wrap it up nice & purdy.

You'll make her day and brighten someone else's mailbox!

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