Friday, November 1

a nostalgic nineties november

so, baby sister texts me the other day and says 'you should do a nostalgic November playlist, and put oldies on it like humpty dance and i'm too sexy.' well, good idea, but oldies?? oldies?? ok, technically, it is true that i graduated 20 years ago (say what now?!), which means the 90s were 20 years ago, but man, i'm not sure i've ever felt so old. although i was proud that she actually knew those songs.

not a difficult task at all to pack my faves from the 90s(ish) on here. i coulda kept going, but i cut myself off at 30.

did i get all the best? leave off any of your faves? mmmm, walks down memory lane are fun!

also, happy early birthday to mr man. not sure what i'd do without that guy. wanna read about past fiestas? you're welcome.
36 things i'm thankful for about him
we rock the party
husband of the year

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