Monday, January 24

Stylish Blogging

In honor of the Stylish Blog Award (!) my sister gave me (for button and header design, etc), I thought it would be the perfect time to feature those designs here. Now, I don't really do web design, but making pictures and buttons and stuff to dress up blogs? I can do that.

Since her blog, The Iowa Farmer's Wife, is about simple living, farms and fresh food, we (I) decided her blog header should change seasonally. We've done Summer, Autumn, and Winter, and will update to Spring when it arrives. Since Sweet P is in the header, we'll update that image, so the blog "grows" with the family.

We also created little seasonal buttons for her readers to grab. (Grab one, if you read her.) 

Aren't they all so cute? I'm sure Sweet P has something to do with it. And, isn't their farm adorable?! 

She also does "Challenges" every once in a while - I think there's a Fitness Challenge that's been a long time coming. So, to showcase the challenges, we created "Challenge Girl", who bears a striking resemblance to Sweet P. (If you don't think so, don't burst my bubble, k?!)

Thanks for the award, sis. And, if you have a blog you want to prettify, we should chat. We can whip you up a new header, maybe a button, a few pictures. Whatever you like!

Friday, January 14

Reserva la Fecha

custom spanish save the date
With a name like Rosita Designs, you know something with a Spanish flair is right up my alley. Since I'm working on the first draft of invites for this Latin-flavored wedding, I thought it the perfect time to debut these Reserva la Fechas (Save the Dates for all the gringos).

custom save the date postcard
To save on postage, these were designed as postcards. I know I say it all the time, but it's a great, budget-friendly idea. And, we merged the addresses onto the cards, so all the bride had to do was add postage and drop in the mail.

custom spanish save the date wedding
The couple's reception is at a historic, Spanish hotel, so I pulled inspiration from it's architecture (ironwork) and decor (crosses, crosses, and more crosses). And, me? I never met a cross I didn't love. 

Stay tuned later in the year for the invitations - they may look similar to this, or could be completely different - it'll be a surprise!

Tuesday, January 11

My Designs Around the Web

Some of my clients featured the cards I designed for them on their blogs, so I thought I'd show them off here, too.

Many of this year's designs were made easy for my by the amazing photos my clients used. I know it's not always in the budget to have professional photos taken, but man, they're purdy.

custom holiday cards

custom holiday cards

custom tri-fold religious holiday card

All 3 designs used the back for a short Holiday letter. The Larsens did a cute bulleted list of 2010's highlights.

I'm sure you know, but the third card's my sister's. The card was a tri-fold, and we used 12 pics of Sweet P (one for each month of 2010). It's crazy to see how much little girl has grown. Sniff. Sniff.

Now, if you didn't send holiday cards out in December, what about New Year's cards? I think if you get them out in January, you're good. Or, there's always Valentine's Day.

I always say: a little sunshine in a mailbox brightens anyone's day.

Thursday, January 6

New Year, New Playlist

Happy New Year!! After creating holiday card after holiday card, with some wedding and baby designs thrown in, the workshop took a much needed vacation.

You've missed me, right? My silly ramblings about nothing in particular? Just say yes - my psyche needs to feel loved right now.

Well, it's back to the grind now (even tho I have a cling-on cold that makes the couch look so tempting), and we need some music to get us in the mood, right? Here 'tis - and, let me know what you're listening to, I always like to know. I got a few mixed CDs for Christmas, so look for some tunes from those on February's list.