Thursday, August 1

august acoustics

i swear it was just july 1st. swear it. i wanna put my foot down and stop the earth a'spinning. how's it august? how'm i this old? how do i stop the break neck pace?!

ah, there you are, digression, my bff. ahem. here are the tunes for august. a little of this, a little of that. i stumbled on a blog of playlists, and stole a bunch of those songs. some of them are pretty whiney, but i do love me a whiney band. seriously. ask my mama. she of her vampire weekend and dancy beats.

my best gal, carrie, got the newest jt the other day, so i barried it from her, and...smitten. hands down. i've never been that much of a jt fan, but lately? his jams are doing somethin' to me. blush. i maybe might be his latest girlie fan. i took a few songs from the 'what to expect...' soundtrack. if you haven't seen that movie, and you're a girl, and you've maybe had a plan of how your pregnancies or lack thereof were gonna go, you should watch it. some cringe-worthy scenes, but man, they hit the emotion on the head!

ok, whatchoo lisnin' to? do tell - do you love whiney as much as i do?

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  1. I love whiney Dashboard Confessional


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