Wednesday, August 14

that's font-tastic - custom bridal shower invitations

wowza, has this been a long time comin'! it's time to show you, my three readers, all of baby sister's goodies. starting with her bridal shower. here's a little memory refresher of where we left off - save the date and the bridesmaid invites. de nada

{digression alert}
so, we've got these super dear friends - we're all practically sisters, and no question - mama mary was gonna host a shower for baby sister. now, mama mary's daughter has this ah.may.zing design business and it never crossed my mind that she wouldn't design the invites. so when mama mary called to tell me 'you know the style, you've done everything else, you're doing the invites to this', i hopped to it. she's not called 'sarge' for nothin'!

still with me? how 'bout we see the finished product?

if you recall, her colors were pool blue and coral. she wanted a fun design with lots of fonts - i think the trendsetters are calling these circus style. i don't really get it, but what do i know? so, fun, fonts, and fabulous? i'd say!

gotta have that matching envelope. let me just say - i don't think a design is complete without somethin' on the envelope. either printed or label, i don't care, but it just adds so much to the overall product, doncha think?

and, you know she needed thank you notes for all those prezzies. she actually used these for most of their gifts since the fonts and colors tied everything together.

what do you think? bachelorette party's coming up next. get excited!!

have a shower coming up? we totally need to chat.

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