Tuesday, August 27

last fling before the ring - custom bachelorette invites

when it came time to plan for baby sister's bachelorette party, we knew we wanted it to be fun, fun, fun. she's not much for being the center of attention, but we had to play videos of her younger days as a power ranger! we rented a 15 passenger van to cart all the girlies around, and made middle sissy, who doesn't drink much, drive. ummmmm. poor valet guys!

for the invite, on top of fun, i wanted it to be different. gotta say - pretty proud o' myself when the idea of a big diamond ring came to me. and, then more pride, when i cut around the diamond making a pocket for the info...

have a little look
i wanted to be tongue-in-cheek with the invite, so did fun strike-thrus. i also took some of the cute things her hubby wrote on their wedding website, and added them to the back. when you pulled the info out, it said 'let the fun begin'. and, no bachelorette invitation is complete without a little bling!!
we hosted the party at my mama's house, so people from out of town could get ready there, and we could have a lingerie shower without a bunch of looky-loos. we had to hide baby sister so she didn't see the prep - that was fun!

we set up the desserts and drinks (take the plunge punch) in the dining room, along with the favors.
the girls got a ring pop and candy necklace with a cd in an ice cream bowl, complete with every bachelorette must-have - the penis straw. for the cd, we had each girl send the song that reminds them of baby sister. and, that jumbo van was rockin' all night long!

and, the last of the decor - the banners and all her gifts
it was a super fun time, and you wouldn't know that baby sister is younger than middle sissy and i by 9 and 14 years respectively. ahem. in fact, this is the face we got every time we told her what we were doin' next.
at least she's got her penis straw.

bachelorette party coming up soon? check out these other designs, too. let's chat.

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