Tuesday, July 30

extra, extra

i thought it'd be fun to showcase a few ways you can make your party special with different fun add ons. i know you've seen a few in the past, but some of the favor ideas here are super clever.

baby shower cupcake toppers
rehearsal dinner placecards, with the dinner choice noted with a little graphic fish, cow, or chicken
wine party place cards (wish she'd come take my pictures!)
birthday banners
and thank you cards aplenty
but, how about water bottle labels?
or gatorade (sk8rade) bottle labels? cute, or what?! check out the party invites.
remember our travel theme bridal shower? well, the favors there were luggage tags! the girls filled them out, and then they were laminated for them before they left. creee-ay-tive!

these favors go with the cupcake toppers above - so clever - tictacs to match the party theme!
and our little tiger from last week gave his friends "party animals" (animal crackers)
i'm sure you're just as clever, right? take a little look see around the ol' blog for some more inspiration. if you can dream it...

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  1. i will come take pics for you any day of the week!!! BTW... Ill be there in Dec. :) Loved my thank you notes and all the goods for the wine club.. so much fun!!! YOUR THE BEST


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