Tuesday, July 23

a hoot of a time

when it comes to munchkins, hooty cute owls are a favorite. for this munchkin's third birthday, that was the order. reds, pinks, turquoise, lime green, and owl quotes.
all good parties start with a super cute invite. heehee

then we added a happy birthday banner

a party hat (is birthday girl adorable, or what?!) and, favor tags - with the sweetest quote "i'll owl-ways be your friend"! too cute!
and, seriously? are you kidding me with this cake? done to match the invites perfectly. let me say it again - too cute!

have a kiddo celebrating a birthday soon? let's have a little chat.

take a peek at some past designs in case you need some inspiration.

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  1. Oh my goodness its cupcakes!!! I love those banners!


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