Monday, July 15

magnetic clothespin tutorial

when baby sister was here, i created a little tutorial for y'all to whip up some magnetic clothespins. they're super easy to make, but if you'd rather i do them for you, we can arrange that, too!

to get started, gather all your materials:
   -assorted paper
   -mod podge or glue
   -self-adhesive magnet roll
   -foam brush

choose your paper - there are tons of 12x12 papers out there with fun designs on one sheet, which lets you have different style clothespins that still match. then, trace around your clothespins and cut out your strips.

glue your paper to your clothespin with your mod podge. swipe a little more over the paper to secure. let dry, then do a few more layers of Mod Podge to really secure your paper.

when they're dry, roll out some of your magnet, measure against your clothespin, and cut strips. if your magnet's too wide, cut it in half to fit on the clothespins. peel off the backing and stick to the clothespins. let sit for a bit 'til the adhesive sets.

rock your clothespins on your own fridge, or wrap them up as a fun, quick, homemade gift. they're the perfect hostess gift!

or, leave the magnets off and use them for the hippest chip bags 

or clothesline around.


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