Monday, July 1

july jingles

and, here we are in july. and, june went by with nary a post. i'm sorry. I'M SORRY! you will be happy to know that i've taken pictures of all my designs, now it's just a matter of sizing them, making them look like an actual photographer took them, writing some content to go along with them, and posting them here. i have high hopes, people. hot apple pie in the sky hopes.

and, now i want apple pie. and, i don't eat gluten.

i digress - here are the tunes i've taken a liking to in the last 30 days. found any you liked?? do tell.


  1. loved this playlist!! Can you make it longer so I can listen all day? I guess I'll just have to do july and june back to back. I was laughing at the I love it.


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