Friday, July 12

three men and a little lady

ok, maybe they're not men yet, but they will be someday, and i wanted to use a catchy title! as usual, i digress. here's a collection of the latest baby announcements. you may see a theme here - apparently chevron is kinda popular. (or i just really enjoy it as a design element!)

grey and yellow are also trendy right now, so we fulfilled mama's wish for that. and, truly the sky's the limit with how many images you can use on your announcement.
i can't even get over how adorable these pictures are! they truly make the announcement, and i knew they needed to be showcased. printed on reeeeaalllyy thick, yummy paper, mama obliged my need to round the corners. she wasn't in the mood to address all the envelopes, so those got some flair, too.

no chevron here, but definitely boyish stripes and colors. a fun statement on the front gives the card personality. and, a scripture always adds something to the finished product.
so, in my design history, i think i've designed maybe 4 or 5 girl announcements. it's all boys out there, i tell ya! who's gonna date all these boys?! 

maybe... this little lady? chevron? check. polka dots? check. little birdies? check. and an adorable saying to introduce miss thing. i'm guessing this might get 'stolen' in the future!
preggers? have a newborn? ready to announce that little bundle to the world? let's have a chat!


  1. Love your new baby announcements. Really cute.

  2. I think i might want to steal Holden


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