Friday, July 26

party time, excellent

i thought we'd continue the kids birfday theme to round out this week. stay tuned next week for the extras that you can add on to your design orders. some cute ideas there!

i'm starting with what i think is the ding dang cutest idea, and i think one of my personal faves. i keep trying to get middle sissy to do it for her kiddos, since she is married to a farmer!
this little munchkin can't get enough of princesses. she loves them so much, she wanted a princess party two years in a row! check out the designs...
i do love a rock star theme, and designing more "grungy, alternative" invites, so this was right up my alley! a rockin' birthday, indeed!!
a pool party with a girly twist - does the middle design resemble a pool to you? how 'bout the beach ball masquerading as an "O"! splish splash...
this family never fails to amaze me with their creativity. how cute is that little rhyme? i love the tiger costume, the rhyme, and the born to be wild theme! roar!
every once in a while, i'll do some designs that clients can print themselves. so, that's what these next designs are. kaeden loves trains, so choo choo it was.
and, sweet p only invited two little girly girls to her cupcake and tea party, so middle sissy asked me to put together a design she could email to the mamas. not my best effort, but still cute!
is it birthday time in your house? let's have a little chat.

take a peek at some past designs in case you need some inspiration.

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