Tuesday, July 9

chevron and polka dot baby shower

well, hello there. i'll wait while you recover from the shock that i'm actually posting some designs here. on this design blog.

more friends are welcoming babies around here, and it's a must to celebrate mama with tons of loot before baby's arrival. this one's special because it's the first girl for me to snuggle since sweet p came along! can you believe?

baby's nursery is grey and lavender, with fun patterns like chevron, stripes, and polka dots, so we carried that over into the invites. 
chevron on the front, polka dots on the back. and, if you look closely, the b (for baby bunting!) is die cut and pops off the invite for a dimensional effect.
continuing my love affair with wraparound labels, i've brought many a client over to the dark side, and this design was no different.
mama wanted thank you notes in chevron and polka dots to match.
for the shower, we created place cards for all the attendees in the same patterns.
the hostesses of the shower did an awesome job - check out the table - every shade of purple flower! so pretty!
how's that for a re-entry into design blogdom? oh, there'll be more where this came from. lookin' forward to showing you all the goods.

hosting a baby shower? having a baby? need something cute? i'm your gal - let's have a little chat!

*special thanks to baby's mama, who let me borrow her images of the shower.

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  1. hello, very nice invitations. i have a question, i'm trying to creat an invitation and i want to use that middle white border that you have on these invites. did you make that with a certain program or did you get that offline somewhere as a clipart? your help will be greatly appreciated. thanks, leslie

    1. i designed everything on the invite with the design program i use.

      thanks for your kind words!


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